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2022 Rawlings Heart of the Hide June Glove of the Month PRO-GOLDY

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Introducing the Gold Glove Club glove of the month for June 2022. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO-GOLDYVI is the 6th generation of the PRO-GOLDY family which has a really large following online. 

This 11 ½” beauty features a 204W Pattern which is a neutral everyday player pattern that closes thumb to pinky allowing for a deeper pocket, combined with a wing-tipped design. Wing-tip adds a wider feel and allows infielders a bigger funnel to catch the ball.

This Glove features our Pro I™ web allows for quicker transfers. On the back of the glove you’ll notice a unique look created by the croc-embossed leather in combination with metallic gold laces, welting, binding, and an eye-catching ColorSync black and gold embroidered patch logo. The Croc-Embossed wing-tip is exclusive to this glove and not available on our custom glove builder. This glove also features hand sewn welting for added comfort in the thumb and pinky.